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Oxygen Mask

We've all heard the expression “put on your oxygen mask first”.  Essentially if we don’t, we die and can’t care for anyone else.  As moms, dads, people pleasers, human beings, we tend to forget this.  We do, do, do for others constantly and we forget how important it is to care for ourselves first.  This is the recipe for stress, sickness, burnout and resentment. My husband and I are doers!   We both work full time jobs and part time side hustles, cook almost every single meal we consume, maintain our physical fitness, care for our home, a human child, and dog.   I’m taking college classes and he just took on a promotion at work.   Sometimes on Fridays and Saturdays we are exhausted, burnt out mentally and physically and just so done with the week.   It’s really the perfect recipe for a full-blown Saturday Show Down. We must take good care of ourselves in order to take care of other people.   We must prioritize ourselves over everyone else.   It sometimes feels selfish and it’s

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